About Lokmangal

The Lokmangal Group has grown into a diversified conglomerate in just 15 years. At the vanguard of a movement dedicated to ‘India Empowered’, Lokmangal is driven towards becoming a catalyst for the growth of the economy.

Today the Group is involved in varied activities including Agro-Industries, Banking & Finance, Education, Health Care, Infrastructure Development, Construction, Retail and Logistics. A common thread ties them all – a collective passion for growth.

The collective efforts of the people at Lokmangal have borne remarkable success. The Lokmangal Group presently provides direct employment to over 2,500 people and indirect employment to several times this number.


To grow, and empower growth, across the diverse business sectors, geographies and people that comprise our great country.



We will take the organic route to growth, harnessing the country’s vast potential of natural and human resources, to explore, achieve and sustain higher yields in every industry we engage in, be it agro-based, industrial, financial or tertiary.
We are committed to following an all-inclusive business model that doesn’t just build better bottom lines but also vibrant communities and cleaner, greener environments.