Lokmangal’s vision of growth is an all-inclusive one that extends beyond its employees to encompass the communities its various businesses are engaged with, and society at large. Through diverse initiatives, we endeavour to make a difference where it is most needed.

Community Marriages

Weddings can be prohibitively expensive affairs with families often incurring costs far beyond their budgets, often, in response to societal pressures. Through our initiative Samudayik Vivah Sohala, we have helped join thousands of couples in marriage by funding the expenses of the wedding ceremonies. Our commitment to the couples who wed under Samudayik Vivah Sohala does not end at their marriage. It encourages and supports the birth of a girl child. Those couples who tie the knot under the aegis of the programme and have a girl child born to them receive a Fixed Deposit for Rs. 2,000/-. The FD and the accumulated money is held in trust and handed over to the girl child when she turns 18.

Water Management

Water scarcity is an issue that plagues the lives of many rural communities. Lokmangal Foundation is actively involved in projects that conserve water and help in its equitable distribution to the districts in Solapur. Under Jalsandharan, our water management and distribution project, we have constructed a 15 km long canal to service the needs of villages in north Solapur; a 10 km long aqueduct in South Solapur; and a 5 km canal in the neighbouring district of Osmanabad. In addition to quenching parched fields and throats, the project has also become a model for others to adopt.

Women Empowerment

With a view towards helping women achieve financial stability and even independence, Lokmangal Foundation has established self-help groups in rural locations. The groups offer practical training for vocations like beautician courses, computer courses, and small scale production of items such as plastic dishes, glass products, paper plates, napkins, etc.

Education, entrepreneurship and vocational training

Children are the future of the country and we, at Lokmangal Foundation, work to ensure that children in disadvantaged circumstances receive the help and guidance they need to succeed. This includes primary and secondary education as well as distribution of school uniforms and books among needy families in Solapur, under Avanti Shikshan Sanstha; training in technical and non-technical fields for orphan children; entrepreneurial guidance, assistance and motivation for unemployed youth through the Lokmangal Training Academy; and the annual mentorship programme and training in biotechnology and entrepreneurship till graduation, for 200+ rural youth.

Community Service

Inadequate nutrition among rural communities is further compounded by lack of access to quality healthcare. In an effort to deliver better medical aid, Lokmangal Foundation established the Babasaheb Ambedkar, Lokmangal Jeevak Hospital, in Solapur. The hospital, which is equipped with modern facilities such as X-rays, angiography, sonography, and other diagnostic tools, provides medical services at affordable rates.
Through Annapurna Yojana, Lokmangal addresses the needs of elderly citizens who lack the means, or family, to support themselves. The programme, which provides two meals a day, free of cost, is the sole source of sustenance for more than 2000 people today.
Lokmangal’s philosophies are rooted in ethics and spirituality, which the foundation endeavors to propagate through activities like discourses, meditation, motivation, yoga, dhyan camps, conducted by Lokmangal Dynopasaka Mandal.