What started with a trickle of a few hundred litres a day from nearby farms, the dairy has snowballed into a white, creamy flood, providing direct and indirect employment to around 10,000 people, and high quality, hygienic dairy products to the customer at reasonable prices. 

As in all our agro-industrial ventures, Lokmangal Group extends widespread support to the farmers through diverse routes. To improve the quality of milk, we train them in modern animal husbandry methods including prevention and treatment of disease, and supply nutritive cattle fodder, food supplements and medicines at subsidized rates. Study tours are organized so that they receive exposure to modern cattle farming techniques and different breeds of cattle, as well as basic veterinary care. 

The company is also taking major steps to increase the cattle population in Solapur and Osmanabad districts, with a corresponding increase in the milk available to the dairy. Of the target of 100,000 milk cows, in the last year 17,000 cows have already been disbursed to progressive farmers. 

A fleet of vans criss-crosses Solapur and Osmanabad districts to over 170 towns and villages, picking up over 50,000 litres of milk every day from more than 500 collection centres, to be transported to the dairy; this will soon grow to more than 1,00,000 litres per day. The dairy itself has grown from one pasteurization centre in Solapur to five in Solapur district and one more in Osmanabad, along with a processing plant of one lakh litres per day capacity. 

Packaged milk and milk products are supplied to distribution centres across Maharashtra, as well as to the neighbouring States of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Production of milk powder: 3 tonnes per day, expansion plans of up to 10 tonnes per day 

Chief products: Packaged ghee, shrikhand, skimmed milk and whole milk powder