Biotechnology Course

This bachelor’s course is designed to create upstanding professionals in the field of Biotechnology by moulding and shaping minds with the use of cutting edge industry knowledge as well as practical skills to venture out on their own. Students receiving this unique combination of intensive theoretical knowledge and expert practical skills are considered prime candidates to be employed in FMCGs, pharmaceuticals, chemical industries, agribusinesses, and environmental sciences to name a few.


A self-sufficient youth force is the key to a bright future. Our country is witnessing an increasing number of brilliant young entrepreneurs making their mark in their chosen industries. We are dedicated towards creating strong, able, and confident young entrepreneurs who will change the face of the economy for the better. Students are given the scientific know-how and the managerial skills to be able to competently set up their own companies and generate wealth for themselves, and for others.

Computer Science

Whether hard-core coding is your calling or the world of academic research suits your style, whether you’re more suited for big industry, or want to make it big in the world of finance; this B.Sc in ESC provides you the skill set to do it all, and do it better than your peers.

B.Sc Agricultural Technology

We live in a country rich in natural resources and an ever increasing demand for food and lifestyle products. Agricultural advancement is the key to meeting this demand with ergonomic use of our natural resources. This B.Sc in Agriculture combines scientific knowledge of production optimization with management practices and financial know-how to put you on the route to success.

Agricultural Polytechnic School

Agripreneurs are the order of the day with modern technology coming up with faster, simpler and better ways to improve agricultural output. Agro-businesses are in high demand for a country on the brink of development. The intensive three year course is ideal for those who are looking to join or start their own agri-business, consultancies, high-tech floriculture etc.

Lokmangal Industrial Training Institute

This institute has a number of courses tailor made for educated rural youths with ambition. The courses provide in depth vocational training to students in order to enable them to work in the industrial as well as commercial sector. The institute aims to reduce unemployment among the rural youth and help them realise their potential.