Lokmangal Mauli Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.

Spacious, well-lit and air-conditioned, the first showroom of Lokmangal Mauli Jewellers showcases attractive displays and offers convenient seating at sales terminals make shopping a memorable experience. It offers a variety of jewellery in distinctive designs, a fine blend of the traditional and the contemporary, in an environment where every customer, big or small, is treated with impeccable courtesy, and is encouraged to examine as many items as he or she wants, before deciding on the purchase. 

The plush showroom is the cynosure of all eyes in Solapur’s central business district. The popularity of the first showroom of Lokmangal Mauli Jewellers led to a vociferous demand from Latur for a similar shopping experience, so a second showroom was soon opened in this bustling city. Exclusive carat meters permit customers to confirm the purity of the gold in every item; the two stores only stock Hallmarked and ISI standard jewellery, so customers are reassured about the quality and can shop with confidence.