The largest sugar factory in the Lokmangal stable, Lokmangal Mauli Industries Ltd., which spreads across 450 acres, is located at Khed Lohara, Osmanabad district. The factory’s phenomenal crushing capacity of six thousand TCD is powered by the latest high-tech machinery from the world leading manufacturer of sugar machinery, Thyssen Krupp Ltd. These are complemented by other equipment, such as boilers and turbines that are also products manufactured by world-renowned brands.

This focus on modernization has ensured maximum productivity with virtually no unplanned downtime, making Lokmangal Mauli one of the most efficient sugar factories in the country. The premium costs incurred on capital expenditure are more than made up by the higher operational efficiencies achieved, thanks to maintenance-free working resulting in no down time.

Sugar division with a crushing capacity of 6000 TCD

Bagasse based co-generation 30 MW plant

Particulars 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16
  Cane Crushed (M.T.) 492315 740207 315961
  Sugar Production (Qtls) 489040 798350 305760
  Recovery (%) 9.93 10.77 9.68
  Crushing Period (Days) 130 152 84
  Capacity Utilization (%) 80.40 84.35 87.19

Sugar Plant and Machinery from Thyssen Krupp Boilers from BHEL

The factory will guide farmers on advanced cultivation techniques and support them by way of better fertilizers, pesticides and plant nutrients, whereby their yield will increase to almost 100 tonnes per hectare, maximizing the farmer’s profit. Initially, the shareholders will be restricted to those having farms within a 30 km radius, with an assurance of a ready market for their crop, which will reinforce their pride of being true stakeholders in the progress and prosperity of their neighbourhood.