Established in 2008 on a 240 acre plot, located at Bhandarkavathe, South Solapur near Bhima river built up area of 850,000 sq.ft.

ISO 9001: 2008 Det Norske Veritas certified

Sugar division with crushing capacity of 6000 TCD

31.5 MW Bagasse Fuelled Co-generation Plant

With its high yield and downward diversification of processes into ethanol and co-generation, the company is working to ensure sustainability in business and environment. With an energy generating capacity of 31.5 MW the company’s co-generation plant produces sufficient energy to power its own needs and more.

Lokmangal’s business focus is matched by a community-centric agenda. That begins by motivating and helping cane growing farmers to set high standards of cane production in terms of both, quality as well as quantity of cane per acre. The company provides training, educational tours, seeds at subsidized rates, compost, fertilizers, and loans against drip irrigation at zero interest. These efforts are complemented by measures focused on improving living standards; future plans include the construction of a well-equipped Employees Quarters at the factory site. 

Lokmangal Sugar Ethanol & Co-generation Ind. Ltd.

Particulars 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16
  Cane Crushed (M.T.) 244150 850768 596150 912929 374656
  Sugar Production (Qtls) 238783 898650 646200 935400 343185
  Recovery (%) 11.65 10.55 10.78 10.25 9.16
  Crushing Period (Days) 182 140 112 162 87
  Capacity Utilization (%) 90.26 101.77 116.51 90.26 101.77