Lokmangal Super Bazaar

The company’s first Super Bazaar was set up in 2002, in a smart building at a very convenient central location in downtown Solapur, and it became an instant success. It offers ease of shopping in a modern, customer friendly environment, with a wide choice of virtually every household requirement from food grain to vegetables, packaged foods to beverages, toiletries to groceries, garments to appliances. 

The success of the first Super Bazaar has led to four more being established in other towns in the district, with a centralized purchase system and computerized operations ensuring that the same pricing policy, standards of product quality and service are maintained at every outlet. 

Fresh produce is purchased directly from farmers, without any middlemen in the loop, so that the farmer gets a better price and is more than willing to offer the company first choice of his products. 

A key feature is that many of the products are available at less than the MRP, making shopping here an enjoyable and profitable experience. The customer flow is testimony to the customer satisfaction with the products, prices and courtesy of the sales staff.